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CZ gives its ‘creative touch’ to the Guimarães Marca (GuimarãesBranding) Pop Up Store


On February, the 14th, Creative Zone (CZ) was at the inauguration of the Guimarães Marca (Guimarães Branding) Pop Up Store in the “Plataforma das Artes” square, promoted by the Division of Economic Development of the Guimarães’ Municipality.

It was up to CrisHome, CZ’s client, to open the venue by presenting its products in a physical store for the first time. This Pop Up Store will host nearly 40 brands from Guimarães from different sectors of activity and every week will host one specific brand.

The creative responsibility of this event was handled by CZ namely in the following areas: decoration and layout of the store, graphic design, logistics, partnerships, institutional links, communication and photographic coverage of the event. CZ has left its creative imprint on such a remarkable and memorable day for CrisHome.

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