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Creative Zone was awarded with the “Prompt Payment Commitment” diploma


Creative Zone has accepted the ‘Prompt Payment Commitment’ challenge by the Ver – Valores, Ética e Responsabilidade online platform.

VER is an online platform whose objective is to provide a service of reference to the business community, focusing on the promotion and defence of ethics and social responsibility of the companies and their managers.

At this moment more than 300 companies from all over the country and from the widest variety of sectors, have already joined the ‘Prompt Payment Commitment’ initiative.

This is the proof that with joint force, the commitment with suppliers can be honoured, promoting a new culture of payment terms, enhancing the companies development and national economic competitiveness. The objective is clear: to challenge the largest number of companies to commit to the payment of its suppliers on time, for the greater good of the society.

Having an assertive policy, Creative Zone fulfilled every requirement and thus has been awarded with the diploma of the ‘Prompt Payment Commitment’. This is the proof that it has total respect for its suppliers as well as for the Portuguese economy.


Creative Zone celebrates its 5th anniversary

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Creative Zone’s (CZ) 5th anniversary took place at Mosteiro de Rendufe full of elegance.

“CZ arrived at the market five years ago, willing to make the difference in the Marketing and Communication areas. Today we are celebrating with clients and partners, the people that, in fact, have helped us to get here and to create a networking system between them”, as Sílvia Correia, company’s CEO, said.

The festive moment was of retrospective, but also of future projects’ launching and renewal of partnerships created along the years. “Above all, we are different on the committal. I like to say that our company ads the ‘P’ of passion to the 4 Marketing “P’s” [Product, Price, Promotion and Place]. We start by feeling the clients’ ‘pain’ and we literally “sweat” their shirt. The client’s success is our success too”, as Sílvia Correia explained.

The future is bright and the new projects begin to emerge. “The future has got good things in store. We will start to work in the internationalization of companies and the access to EU funds focused on internationalization and qualification”.

João Andrade – marketeer – and Nathalie Azevedo – communication manager are also part of the Creative Zone team.

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Creative Zone, definitely a Portuguese company!

Creative Zone joined the movement “Vá lá, Portugal merece” (“Come on, Portugal deserves it.”).

Created in September 2014, this movement aims to enhance our country – Portugal! – The Portuguese and all that is Portuguese. The first initiative intended to appeal to the purchase of the Portuguese products, manufactured in our territory and by the genuine hands of who is Portuguese. In this way we will all stimulate the Portuguese economy and create more jobs.
Creative Zone is already part of the list of companies associated with the movement which, in such a short period of time, has attracted more than 90 domestic companies.
Involved in this and other essentially local actions, Creative Zone once again reinforces its dedication for the Portuguese economy aligning itself with this movement and its disclosure.
Join the movement too.

More information here: www.valaportugalmerece.pt


Creative Zone in Frankfurt, Germany.

Heimtextil started today, January 14 and will run until Saturday, January 17, in Frankfurt, Germany. Portugal sets its present with 68 companies and is currently the 5th largest exporter of home textiles, worldwide.
This sector has always been one of Creative Zone’s support business areas due to the know-how acquired in the field and its versatile, creative and strict nature. Since the logistics of the trip to the assembly of the stand, to the designing of the collection, CZ ensures a ‘turnkey’ service to its customers, based on a rigorous and thorough planning to ensure that their presence at the trade shows is, at least, memorable!
The result is the application of CZ’s creativity in companies like CrisHome Tex and Terre de Coton (Aldatexteis), both Portuguese; Saharish from Bangladesh; True Home Decor, Paramount, NMK Mills and JJ Lakshmi from India.
CZ: creativity in motion in Frankfurt!
Pitch CZ eng

Creative Zone shares its profissionalism

On October, the 4th, Creative Zone will attend the Caminha Pitch Bootcamp as part of the jury.
We were very pleased to receive the invitation from the organization of this initiative, the City of Caminha in collaboration with the Spark Agency, which was impossible to resist. The fact that CZ is considered an experienced and professional company which can inspire more young people to shape their career paths, makes us proud and even more motivated.
CZ will seek to expose its criticisms and suggestions to the pitched proposals in order to contribute with its knowledge, experience and teaching instinct.
The Pitch Bootcamp is an accelerator of work which, for two days, will approach young students and / or recent graduates to reputable companies in the market, looking for better prepared young professionals for the professional future ahead of them.
CZ could not miss out this opportunity to share its experience and path!
CZ acreditar

CZ believes in creative training!

On October, the 22nd the 6th National Congress of Motivation and Sales Performance – BELIEVE 2014 will be held in the Cupertino de Miranda Foundation (Porto). Creative Zone (CZ) will be there!
Always with a creative and entrepreneur mindset, CZ will participate in this event enjoying its environment of knowledge sharing and networking. CZ constantly seeks to extend its know-how and the proof of that is its continuous participation in trainings and lectures. Never forgetting its daily responsibilities and commitments, CZ is always seeking to know more about the themes and / or tools that can add value to the business objectives of its partners. ‘Creativity in motion’ is its motto!
This Congress focuses in the sharing of knowledge and contacts. Speakers will stimulate the concept of ‘believe’, through actual cases, practical solutions and experiences. Thus, the present may then withdraw ideas and formulas to increase their business performance, stimulate the team productivity, improve interpersonal relationships, and find direction and strategies in order to meet future challenges.
We invest in us because we want to be the best strategic alternative for our partners. Sign in: invest in you, in your team and your company.
  For more information> www.ideiasedesafios.com
CZ Maison et Objet

Creative Zone looking for prospects in Paris!

Creative Zone was in Paris, attending one of the largest international trade fair for interior decoration: Maison et Objet fair to in Villepinte.
In partnership with Spormex, one of the largest national companies for Events, CZ was in the French capital with the intent to make a market prospection and to promote this specialized and professional partnership, backed by their vast experience in the field. Our focus is to combine the objectives of the client to the most appropriate event, providing a complete and personalized service in all its phases: analysis, design, communication, production, transportation, assembly, maintenance, dismantling.
We went through all the aisles of the fair and became amazed with the design, the stands, the backdrops, hundreds of patterns … in short, an environment that transported us to a world of imagination and has provided us with new business opportunities that motivate us!
At this point we find ourselves working on the contacts from this fair, the result of a professional and highly targeted approach.
From Portugal to USA, from Greece to India, Turkey … this is the geographical landscape of CZ’s future clients.
A fair full of creative results, made of future!

Creative Zone strikes again at Heimtextil2015!

Creative Zone strikes again at Heimtextil2015!
Willingly, this season this holiday season is being harnessed by CZ to work, explore, create … always aiming to do the best for our clients.
Currently, energies are centered in Heimtextil 2015, the largest international trade fair for home textiles, held in Frankfurt, Germany.
We are dealing with some key logistics tasks, even if the event happens only in January 2015. CZ is a reference regarding the organization of tasks and meeting deadlines.
CZ offers a service of excellence when it comes to fairs. The design of the stands, the suggested materials for its construction, the monitoring of the event along with the client is also already in action. In short, we deal with all the logistics and communication before and during the fair and still have time to dedicate ourselves to the textile design.
It is with this creatively organized and professional spirit that we are able to obtain our results and reach clients in Bangladesh, India, Pakistan and, of course, also in Portugal, one of the world’s leading references in this sector.
GlobFive + CZ


Creative Zone & GlobFive: a stronger partnership! Internationalization is an instrument of extreme importance as it enhances brand awareness, increased sales, market prospection, amongst many other…
Internationalization is an instrument of extreme importance as it enhances brand awareness, increased sales, and market prospection, among many other several strategic objectives.
This partnership is ideal for the internationalization of your business: professional, strategic and experienced!
For more information, do not hesitate to contact us.
Namorar Portugal


A courtship that has been going on for three years!
Creative Zone is proud to be once again – for the 3rd consecutive year – responsible for the image of the “Namorar Portugal” brand and the “Mês do Romance” romantic event.
Vila Verde, All About Love!