Creative Zone celebrates its 5th anniversary

Creative Zone’s (CZ) 5th anniversary took place at Mosteiro de Rendufe full of elegance.

“CZ arrived at the market five years ago, willing to make the difference in the Marketing and Communication areas. Today we are celebrating with clients and partners, the people that, in fact, have helped us to get here and to create a networking system between them”, as Sílvia Correia, company’s CEO, said.

The festive moment was of retrospective, but also of future projects’ launching and renewal of partnerships created along the years. “Above all, we are different on the committal. I like to say that our company ads the ‘P’ of passion to the 4 Marketing “P’s” [Product, Price, Promotion and Place]. We start by feeling the clients’ ‘pain’ and we literally “sweat” their shirt. The client’s success is our success too”, as Sílvia Correia explained.

The future is bright and the new projects begin to emerge. “The future has got good things in store. We will start to work in the internationalization of companies and the access to EU funds focused on internationalization and qualification”.

João Andrade – marketeer – and Nathalie Azevedo – communication manager are also part of the Creative Zone team.

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